Betting On Horse And Greyhound Racing

Frequently offered alongside sports betting odds, betting on the outcome of horse and greyhound races is very popular and has deep roots.

Betting on Horse and Greyhound races has pages and pages dedicated to different types of bets, understanding favourites, and different betting strategies.  As a sports bettor it is not necessary to understand everything about betting on races, but since races are often offered alongside sports betting odds, it is helpful to be familiar with the basics.

Betting on a horse or greyhound to win, place, or show is the most common racing bet:

Win: If you bet on a horse or dog to win the race, you are saying you believe that it will come first overall in the race.  This bet has the best payout, but also is the most unlikely to occur.

Place:  If you bet on a horse or dog to place, you win if it comes in first or second in the race.  This market has a smaller payout than “Win”, but is more likely to occur.

Show: If you bet on a horse or dog to show, it means that you win if it comes in first, second or third.  This has the lowest payout of the three bets, but is also the most likely to occur.

Another popular bet is to bet Across the board.  This means you place a small bet on one animal to win, place, and show, lowering your risk but also your payout.  If your pick wins you win all three bets, places you win two, or shows you win one.