How To Convert Decimal Odds To Fractional

Only specific fractional prices are used by oddsmakers, converting using the following formulas may not give you a real fractional price.  A better option is to use an Odds Conversion Table.

In order to convert odds from Decimal to Fractional you must understand Converting Decimals to Fractions and converting Fractions to their Simplest Form.

The conversion from Decimal odds to Fractional is performed by removing 1 from the decimal price, converting the price to a fraction and then reducing that fraction to it’s simplest form.


1.80 : 1.80 – 1 = .8  = 8/10 = 4/5

3.35 : 3.35 – 1 = 2.35 = 235/100 = 47/20*

*47/20 is not a fractional price that would commonly be used by  sportsbook. The price used by the oddsmaker is more likely to be something close, in this case 9/4.
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