What Is A Futures Bet?

A futures bet is a bet on an outcome which will not be graded until a later point in the future. An example of a futures bet is choosing the winner of Champions League prior to the first fixture.

As a bettor you are not just limited to picking money line, spread and total winners for events, you can also make more ‘meta’ bets. One of the most common bets made is a “futures” bet on the winner of a league. This could be the winner of the Super Bowl, the World Cup, the NBA Championship, Wimbledon, etc.

Futures bets are very uncertain, and as such come with very high payouts! Even strong favourites often payout 3 to 1 because anything can happen during the course of a tournament or season. Futures bets are also a great way to keep things interesting during the season even when you do not bet on every match.