What Is A Prop Bet?

A prop bet is not impacted by the outcome of the event. Prop bets can be made on team stats, player performances and more.

Proposition bets or “prop bets” are bets which are not related to the outcome of the match. They are usually smaller bets made on team or individual statistics.

Team Level Props

Team prop bets are bets made on team stats for an event. If your team is an underdog in an event and you don’t like the spread, you can still bet on your team in a prop bet! Examples of Team Level Prop bets are:

Team total goals
Team penalties
Team total rebounds

Player Level Props

Player props are a great way to make cheering for your favourite player more exciting and can also be quite profitable! Some player props come with a great deal of uncertainty, and with that comes a great payout. Picking the correct goalscorer in a soccer match often comes with very attractive odds. Examples of Player Level Prop Bets are:

Will a player score?
Player total points
Player total rebounds
Player total assists
Will a player double fault?

Prop bets are a great way to approach match betting from an alternate angle when betting on the outcome of the event isn’t enough.