What Is A Round Robin Bet?

A “Round Robin” is an efficient way to place multiple parlays on a group of events, spreading out your risk compared to a single parlay.  

Say you believe you can correctly pick the outcome of 3 events, but you would like to spread out your risk so that you win back some money if 1 or 2 of your picks are incorrect.

For example, you have the following list of EPL fixtures:

Event 1 X 2
Hull vs Newcastle 2.70 3.25 2.87
Crystal Palace v Everton 2.80 3.30 2.75
Liverpool v West Ham 1.66 4.00 5.75
Stoke v QPR 1.65 4.00 6.00
Sunderland v Burnley 2.25 3.30 2.62

You believe that Hull, Crystal Palace, and Liverpool are going to win, but not strongly enough that you want to make a parlay.

A round robin takes your risk and splits it up over more, smaller bets.  In this example, if you were to bet a round robin, you would in fact be placing 7 smaller bets.

For simplicities sake, lets say you intended to wager 7 on this round robin.  You would in fact be betting:

A 3-market parlay:

1 on a parlay of Hull, Crystal Palace, and Liverpool

3 2-market parlays:

1 on Hull and Crystal Palace

1 on Hull and Liverpool

1 on Crystal Palace and Liverpool

and 3 single market bets (one on each team)

As you can see, if some of your picks are correct and some are wrong, you can still make a profit (depending on the odds of those that win).  You will not make as much as if you had risked 7 on the 3-team parlay, but your risk is much lower.

You could place each of the 7 bets individually, but simply choosing a round robin is so much easier!  Especially if you are doing 4, 5, 6 market round robins.