What Is In-Play Betting?

In-play betting is placing bets on an event which has already started.

Once an event starts, the betting action on that event does not stop.  If anything the opportunities for betting become even more exciting.  In-play betting allows bettors to bet on unique markets and to place bets factoring in how the event has played out so far.

Unique In-Play Markets

Betting in-play lets you wager on markets which are rapidly graded and are not available prior to the start of an event.  With in-play betting you can bet on the result of the next game of tennis, the next quarter of basketball, or even the next at bat! All of these markets are graded quickly after you place your bet, making in-play betting an exciting activity during a live event.

Dynamic Odds

During a live event you can still bet on traditional pre-match markets, the moneyline, spread, totals etc.  The difference is: the odds for these now take into account the live state of the event! Say you missed your chance to bet on Chelsea in their game against Manchester City.  When you open the in-play market Chelsea is down by 1! If you think Chelsea is able to come back from that deficit, you will get better odds on Chelsea than if you had bet on them pre-match.

Because changes in the event can lead to huge variance in in-play odds, betting in-play can give bettors opportunities to hedge their bets as well.