Cash Out Live Bets

Cashing out live bets is a relatively new feature that allows you to take back your bet before the end of an event, but at a reduced payout.

A new companion to in-play betting  is the option to cash out bets while the match is still live.  Say you placed a $50 bet on West Ham at odds of 4.00 against United, the match starts and at the 15th minute West Ham leads by a goal.  You could stick this bet out until the end of the match and hope for the payout, but you suspect United is going to pick up momentum and come back.  An option is to hedge out on an in-play market, but what if you don’t want to risk any more?

You can cash out on this bet in-play to guarantee yourself a profitable return, but at a lower payout.  The opposite can be done as well.  If you place a bet and it seems like things are going your way, you can cash out to return a portion of your original stake, minimizing your loss.

Cashing out is essentially just hedging out on in-play markets, but is much easier than placing a separate bet and does not require you to commit any more of your funds. Many of the larger online sportsbooks now offer cash out, which will become more ubiquitous over time.

For bet calculations see Pinnacle’s bet calculator.