How Sports Betting Works


What Is Sports Betting?

Reading Odds and Lines

How To Read Decimal Odds
How To Read Fractional Odds
How To Read American Odds
The Money Line
1X2 Betting, Football Markets
Point Spread
Over/Under, Betting On Totals
Implied Odds

Types of Bets

Straight Bets
Prop Bets

How Do Sportsbooks Work?

What are Sportsbook Margins
Odds Changes and Line Moves

Managing Bankroll

Return on Investment
Measuring in Units
Hedging Your Bets

Sports Betting Formulas

Odds Conversion Formulas

Decimal to Fractional
Decimal to American
Fractional to Decimal
Fractional to American
American to Decimal
American to Fractional

Other Useful Formulas

Parlay Formula
Hedging Formulas
Implied Odds Formula
Oddsmaker Margin Formula

Advanced Sports Betting

In-Play Betting
Hedging Your Bets
A Push
Correlated Markets
Cashing Out Live Bets
Betting Exchanges
Round Robin Bets
Handicappers And Buying Picks

Other Types Of Bets

eSports Betting
Pinnacle (Sports) Paris Smith and eSports betting
Virtual Sports Betting
Horses And Greyhounds
Entertainment And Elections

Sports Betting Resources

Betting Resources
Odds Conversion Table
Odds Converter
Bet Calculator
Parlay Calculator
Hedge Calculator
Margin Calculator